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Dive into thermal wellness

You can also enjoy the benefits of thermal water in our swimming pool, reserved for hotel guests and open every day from 7.30 to 19.00.

The thermal water present in the pools is adjusted to a temperature of about 33-35 ° C and maintains all the beneficial properties that characterize it. For this reason, in addition to ensuring relaxation and regeneration of the person, swimming in the pool also favors a decontracting and anti-inflammatory action on muscles and joints.

Inside the tubs there are twelve hydromassage stations, which can be activated manually thanks to a touch button on the edge of the tub. The jet of air that comes out from the bottom of the tub moves the thermal water towards the surface, generating a natural massage for the body, which stimulates the reactivation of blood and lymphatic circulation and relieves the discomfort of arthritis and rheumatism.
The whirlpool has no particular contraindications but medical advice is recommended for those suffering from fragile capillaries, low blood pressure, particularly debilitating diseases and for pregnant women.

A natural stone walkway is positioned on the outside of the pool which improves plantar well-being and promotes cardiovascular activation of the lower limbs.

The exposure of the park outside the swimming pool also allows you to fully enjoy the sun throughout the day: sun loungers, chairs and umbrellas are at your complete disposal to ensure the relaxation you deserve.

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09-12-2023 to 09-03-2024
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